EMS Group Pty Ltd Company Details

EMS Group Pty Ltd
ABN: 62 142 355 913
Business address: 17R Yarrandale Road, Dubbo NSW 2830
Postal Address: PO Box 4969, Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone: 02 6884 4408
Fax: 02 6884 4403
Email: admin@emsgroup.com.au
Website: www.emsgroup.com.au

Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:00am to 4:00pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Company Contacts

Company Director
Tom Cavanagh
Mobile: 0459 103 958

Executive Assistant
Sharon Mansfield
Mobile: 0437 843 649
Email: sharon@emsgroup.com.au

Financial Controller
Haresh Surtani
Mobile: 0429 890 688
Email: haresh@emsgroup.com.au

Business Manager
Ray Heggs
Mobile: 0459 786 447
Email: ray@emsgroup.com.au

Marketing Manager
Kate Wright
Mobile: 0447 475 328
Email: kate@emsgroup.com.au

Labour & Civil Hire Manager
Matt Martin
Mobile: 0417 823 174
Email: matt@emsgroup.com.au

Mine Site Electrical Manager
Craig Ellison
Mobile: 0447 015 086
Email: craig@emsgroup.com.au

Mining and Tunnelling Manager
Rob Kinnaird
Mobile: 0419 188 386
Email: rob@emsgroup.com.au

Key Client Manager
Ben Caton
Mobile: 0419 096 983
Email: ben@emsgroup.com.au

Workshop Manager
Peter Edwards
Mobile: 0409 643 431
Email: pete@emsgroup.com.au

Workshop Supervisor:
Tony Cole
Mobile: 0409 781 566
Email: tony@emsgroup.com.au

Parts Manager
Vacant (currently inviting applications)
For Parts enquiries, please contact Tom Cavanagh or Rob Kinnaird


  • Tritton has been working with EMS Group since 2010 and I am 100% satisfied with the service. Their communication is faultless. When I ring up and need to know when I can get a cylinder or labour, or anything, the Workshop Manager, Pete, answers me direct and immediately. We always know where we stand and there are no surprises. They’re basically perfect.

    Dave Walk, Maintenance Planner, Tritton, Aeris Resources
  • We have been using EMS for all of our mechanical repairs, servicing and breakdowns for a couple of years now. The team are really good to deal with and we are more than happy to recommend them to our clients. Having one place in town that can look after auto electrical, hydraulic, truck, plant and general servicing is what we need and EMS gives us that.

    Josh Large, Owner, JLE Electrical