The Great Australian Sickie

The seemingly harmless, reputational, iconic, near-enough tradition of the Aussie sick day around Australia Day is fast approaching. People already are thinking of new and original excuses to get their extra-long weekend.

The ritual “sickie” for many Australians is an ingrained cultural element that many take with a sense of pride, with its embodiment encapsulated so well in 1983 by Aussie larrikin Bob Hawke’s statement after we won the America’s Cup:

“I tell you what, any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum.”

Along this attitude it has been found that 63 per cent of Australian workers have taken time off when not sick.

Come the Tuesday after the Australia Day long weekend, rather than wondering why your workshop has patches in workers as bad those Aussie flag stick-on tattoos by the end of the day, take advice from the man that sculled his beer in all his 83 years of age glory, at the Ashes, in front of Richie Benaud spectators to celebrate the coming of the whitewash – don’t be a “bum”; have a contingency plan.

While the Poms can’t be helped with their cricketing abilities, we can help you with leave coverage on site. In times of patriotic need, EMS can assist.

With tradesmen on sick and annual leave, covering shifts can be difficult. Not to mention the inconvenience of being short for the day. At EMS we provide our customers with highly skilled and reliable labour; available when you need it. We currently have a team of workers available for shift coverage requirements now and offer qualified hands in a range of trades.
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