Sub-Contractor Profile: Diesel Mechanic, Nathan Toole

Meet Nathan Toole, a diesel mechanic who runs his own business and sub-contracts to EMS Group. Nathan says he enjoys the culture and stability our company offers.

EMS Group Workshop Sub-Contractor Employee, Diesel Mechanic Nathan Toole

“I’m pretty much here full-time, which is good for me, having one major client means I don’t have the hassle of too much paperwork, and EMS always pays on time.

“I have great relationship with the Workshop Manager, Pete, and the rest of the workshop team. You’re treated fair and with respect, and paid what you’re worth. They’re also very family oriented, which is hard to find these days.”

Nathan recently joined the Workshop team on the annual “boys trip”, which involved horse races and deep-sea fishing in Sydney.

“The group of blokes and the way you get treated, really sets EMS apart. Like Tom taking everyone away, including the subbies. You don’t see that too often.”

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