How to make a difference on R U OK? Day

  1. Hers is the first face you’ll see when entering EMS Group headquarters in Dubbo, and lucky you! Melanie Tonniges is the Administration Officer at EMS Group and has become known for her welcoming smile and comforting nature, incredible work ethic and super organisational skills. Prior to EMS Group, she worked in administration within community services and mental health for the past five years.

Today’s blog post is contributed by Melanie in recognition of R U OK? Day.

EMS Group Administration Officer Melanie Tonniges holds an R U OK? poster out to Equipment and Labour Hire Manager Matt Martin

THE RUOK? Foundation’s goal is to empower people to make meaningful connections with others and support anyone who is struggling with a hope to lower the number of suicides in Australia.

Here are a few common questions that people are often too afraid to ask out loud:

What is mental health?

Mental health is our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It effects our decision making, how we handle stress and how we relate to others. Feeling down, tense, angry or anxious are all normal emotions, but when these persist for long periods of time they may be part of a mental health problem.

Who has mental health?

Everyone has “Mental Heath” some good and some not so good. Anyone can experience mental health problems throughout their life and everyone’s mental health varies during any one time. 1 in 5 Aussies experience mental health issues with the most common being anxiety and depression. If you want to check out what the symptoms or signs might look like click here.

Men and mental health…

Sometimes it is hard to break through the idea that we have to “suck it up” and that talking about feeling depressed is you being “soft”. 1 in 8 men will experience depression and 1 in 5 will experience anxiety at some stage in their life (that’s 1.5 million men!). Blokes make up an average 6 out of 8 suicides every day in Australia. RUOK day was started to encourage us to have a conversation with each other.

R U OK poster

Mental health in the mining industry

The Australian mining industry employs roughly 150,000 people nationally offering one of the most challenging working conditions and experiences some of the highest rates of mental health conditions. If you’re going through a tough time, have depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts or would like some extra support, grab a mate and start a conversation or you can call the mental health line 1800 011 511 or lifeline on 13 11 14.

EMS Group's guard dog, Marco

More information

EMS Group’s Employee Assistance Program

EMS Group offers all employees access to an Employee Assistance Program.

This is a free, confidential phone counselling support service that employees can access 24/7.

Visit for details.

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