Leading Staff Development: Heather Embraces Career Growth Opportunity

At EMS Group we are passionate about personal and professional development for our staff – helping our people be the best they can be.

Five years ago a Skills Australia Report showed that business investment in skills development and utilisation boosts productivity; improves employee satisfaction and commitment; supports innovation and provides benefits to the community.

Today at EMS, our experience backs the research. We see the results every day. Heather Southern’s story says it all.

In November 2016, Heather successfully applied for a receptionist position with EMS Group. Eight weeks later she accepted a Coordinator position in our Labour Hire division.

It was a great step up for Heather and a rapid rise along her career path, but it didn’t stop there. At EMS we encourage all our staff to pursue career development opportunities, and Heather has grabbed those opportunities with both hands.

Heather came to EMS with an impressive string of qualifications to her name, in business administration and retail. However, the career development support EMS provides is a first for Heather.

“I have never worked for a company like EMS before that offers any external training opportunities to its staff,” Heather said.

Heather has now begun a 12 month course at TAFE Western to further her skills in HR. EMS covers the cost of the course and provides Heather with the time off she needs to attend classes.

“Since arriving at EMS I’ve already completed an HSR (health and safety representative) work cover trade certificate. Now I’ve started my Certificate IV in Human Resources and it’s a great opportunity to build my skills.

“I look forward to investing even further in my skills here at EMS.”

EMS Director Tom Cavanagh says staff skills development is utterly critical to the EMS culture.

“Whether it’s personal or professional, staff skills development is part of our DNA,” he said.

“Helping our people develop their skills helps them grow, it generates opportunities and it makes our business stronger.”

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