Kevin Barry to Fight for Mental Health Awareness

EMS Group Tunnelling Operations Manager Kevin Barry will jump in the boxing ring and compete in the Corporate Fight Night at The Star in Sydney on Saturday 7 April 2018.

“At fifty four, it’s been more than 30 years since I last pulled on the gloves”, Kevin said.

“But it’s worth getting back in the ring for a worthy cause.

“Corporate Fighter is a great motivator to get fit for a good cause. I know boxing isn’t conventional and I could have chosen something a little easier, but I’ve always had to do the difficult things.”

Corporate Fighter is a professional sporting promotions company that runs “first-timer” boxing events in Sydney.

All competitors and Corporate Fighter select a charity for which to raise funds in the lead up to the Fight Nights.

Kevin’s chosen charity, LIVIN, is close to his heart.

“LIVIN is dedicated to destroying the stigma attached to mental illness and make it OK to speak up and get help.

“My daughter was wearing a LIVING hat once and I thought I’d look into it. Depression is such a common thing and I’ve been affected by it within my own extended family,” he said.

“It’s something many people struggle with, although you don’t always know who around you might be going through it. It’s something I find difficult to understand, but I want to understand it more.”

Corporate Fighter recently announced Black Dog Institute as the charity it would be supporting in 2018.

“I urge everyone who’s in Sydney to come along”, Kevin said.

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