Going the Extra Mile in Supporting our Staff

True to our core values here at EMS Group we put our staff first. Culture is important to us as we employ the best people who all share a common vision, knowledge and diversity in the workplace.

When our HR Supervisor, Kate Gray, said she was moving to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, we of course supported the move and offered Kate the opportunity to work remotely.

Corporate Services Manager, Jaimi Nugent, said, “When Kate told me she was possibly moving to Kalgoorlie I had a moment of panic. Valuable staff are not only hard to find, but impossible to replace. Without hesitation, I told her I would find out what I could do to keep her on the EMS team.

“With our new cloud-based environment focused on teamwork and collaboration, I saw no reason why Kate couldn’t stay with us and work remotely. Before I had even finished the question to Tom, he had agreed and told me to make sure I did what we needed to and ensure Kate could stay with us”.

The decision to move was a huge opportunity for the Gray family and Kate says she is beyond grateful for the support that EMS Group has shown.

“My husband John is heading over to start work in Kalgoorlie for Evolution Mining. He has already started, and the kids and I will follow when our house sells here in Orange, which fingers crossed is soon.

“Being able to keep my role with EMS Group is a huge relief to me personally. This allows me to move with my family without having to sacrifice my career. It also allows me to be close by for the children initially as it is a big change for them and they won’t have their normal support networks around them,” said Kate.

Kate has been with us for just over 10 months now and she looks after our HR life-cycle along with assisting the corporate service team.

“I like dealing directly with employees and being exposed to all sides of HR. I like the support I am given by upper management and the fact that EMS Group is a family-focused and flexible work environment,” said Kate.

With big changes ahead Kate said she is looking forward to getting to Kalgoorlie and settling in.

“I am also looking forward to helping EMS expand in WA,” said Kate.

Jaimi added, “We will certainly miss her in Orange, but I have no doubt she will continue to excel in her role for the company. Kate is integral to looking after our HR needs across the country and I’m so glad we can continue this journey with her”.


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