EMS Introduces Drug and Alcohol Testing

Local solutions to a national safety challenge

In 2017 EMS Group introduced random drug and alcohol testing for all personnel.

“At EMS we do a lot of work in and with the mining industry,” EMS Group Director Tom Cavanagh said.

“We know the mining industry is working hard to tackle workplace drug and alcohol use, with reports that 10% of their workforce has a drink before work!

“We want to be part of the solution, and we want to help keep our people, customers and the public safe.

“In recent years there’s been industrial relations controversy about random drug and alcohol testing, but I’m unapologetic about securing our people’s safety.

EMS Group Electrical Projects Supervisor, Matt Brown, says he fully supports the policy.

“Everyone likes a drink, but there’s no place for drugs and alcohol at work. We all depend on each other to get home safe at the end of each day,” Matt said.

“We are ensuring our employees and contractors are working with others as safely as possible,” Tom said.

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