EMS Group Welcomes Jaimi Nugent as Labour Manager

In December 2017 EMS Group welcomed Jaimi Nugent as Labour Manager.

With a business degree and a background in the communications, mining, mechanical and engineering sectors, Jaimi brings a wealth of valuable experience to the team.

In addition to her degree, Jaimi holds a WHS Cert IV, Return to Work Co-ordination, ICAM Incident Investigation training and Internal Auditing for ISO standard certification.

“Jaimi’s experience across accounts, training and finance in a range of different businesses makes her a perfect fit for Labour Manager at EMS Group,” EMS Group Director Tom Cavanagh said.

“I’m looking forward to bringing my love of systems, process improvement and training to the Labour Manager position,” Jaimi said.

“On a personal note, I like my husband Steve taking me to fancy restaurants. Apart from that I spend my time stopping our two-year-old Jack from hurting himself too badly.  He keeps us pretty busy!”

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