EMS Group makes significant investment in rail equipment

EMS Group has added a 17-tonne Hitachi Hi Rail Excavator and an 8-tonne Yanmar Hi Rail Excavator to its equipment hire fleet.

Both items are available with a full complement of attachments, specific for rail applications. It comes after the recent purchase of a Hi Rail Tipper with a 6-tonne carrying capacity.

Director Tom Cavanagh says it was a significant investment which demonstrates EMS Group’s commitment to servicing the rail industry.

“For some time now, EMS Group has been investigating opportunities to increase our capacity to service the specific needs of our clients in the rail industry,” he said.

“With the nation’s increasing focus on developing rail, combined with our growing footprint, our strategic focus involves expanding our resources to meet the needs of our existing clients while increasing our overall capacity,” Tom said.

EMS Group’s Equipment Hire Manager, Matt Martin, has extensive experience in rail equipment, Tom said.

“Matt spent 10 years in mining and civil construction and was responsible for helping kick off Kennard’s Rail in 2013.”

Matt says he recognised EMS Group’s capability of servicing the rail industry when he started at EMS Group in October 2016.

“After communicating with our existing clients and understanding their wish lists and needs, we sought to build our fleet around their specific needs,” Matt said.

The recently acquired rail equipment machinery is already on consignment to project work across NSW Australia, ranging from loading rail trains and regulating ballast.

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