EMS Group Hiring for Regional Skills


EMS Group is now seeking applications for its Apprenticeship Program.

“Our Apprenticeship Program is very important for our business, for the region and as part of a nation-wide campaign to address skills shortages,” EMS Group Director Tom Cavanagh said.

“Australia has a massive skill shortage, and diesel mechanics are in particularly short supply.”

A recent Commonwealth Department of Employment study showed a state-wide shortage of diesel mechanics in NSW.

“At EMS Group we are committed to being part of the solution. In September we took part in RDA Orana’s Regional Skills Outlook Survey – developing a skills profile for each LGA in the region,” Cavanagh said.

“Our Labour Hire Manager, Matt Martin provided feedback for the Survey, and now we are putting our training investment behind those words.

“EMS is committed to providing opportunities for people in regional areas. We are a nation-wide company based here in Dubbo and that’s exactly where we hire our people.

EMS Group employs up to 200 staff at any point in time.

According to the recent EMS Employee Demographic Report, 50% of the EMS Group workforce currently lives in Dubbo and 4% are undertaking an apprenticeship.

“We look forward to continuing to help address the regional and state skills shortage by working collaboratively with organisations like RDA Orana,” Cavanagh said.

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