EMS Group Enhancing How We Work With Indigenous People

Maliyan Experience: EMS management training

Members of EMS Group’s management team attended a 1-day Maliyan Experience last week to help enhance the way we work with Indigenous people.

“EMS Group has always been committed to helping close the Indigenous employment gap,” EMS Group Director Tom Cavanagh said.

“That’s why our management team embarked on the Malayan Experience.”

The Maliyan Experience – a “journey into cultural excellence” – offers organisations the chance to integrate knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples and protocols into organisational culture, practices, standards and policies.

Delivered by TAFE NSW, the Maliyan Experience is a practical, workplace-based, phased approach to learning about behaviours needed to further influence change.

“At EMS we are looking at ways we can further help close the employment gap and support Aboriginal communities.

“The Maliyan Experienced helped our team learn more about Aboriginal cultural diversity; the impacts of colonisation; and how best we can work in partnership with Aboriginal communities.

“Reconciliation involves learning about, and developing respect for Aboriginal cultures, and understanding differences so we can move forward together.”

While Indigenous people make up around 2.5% of the Australian population, this year 12.73% of the EMS workforce are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“We’re very proud of that number and our Indigenous staff make a massive contribution to our business, however we can always strive to do better,” Tom said.

“I want to thank TAFE NSW and in particular Three Rivers Regional Assembly for providing such a valuable training experience.

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