EMS Group Attains Accreditation Assuring Highest Standards in Electrical Service

EMS Group established its electrical division in January 2017, offering consumables such as trailing cable, ventilation fans and switchboards for hire or purchase. Electrical services are a large and growing part of the mining, tunnelling, civil construction and rail industries across Australia and the world. Today, with more than $5 million worth of electrical projects in the pipeline, EMS Group is continuing investment in its newest and fastest growing service.

Now boasting more than 50 specialist and multi-skilled electricians operating across most states of Australia, EMS Group’s newest division has expanded to a full-service electrical offering, supporting the delivery of some of the nation’s most impressive projects.

EMS Group is also investing heavily in training, skills and capability development. EMS Group recently attained an IPD ELSteel techno modular switchboard accreditation, allowing the company to construct quality switchboards, distribution boards and motor control centres, built to highest industry standards, meeting all type test requirements.

“With the infrastructure boom and mining activity ramping up again, the demand for skilled labour has been significant across multiple industries,” EMS Group Electrical Manager Steve Nugent said.

“This has been part of the driving force for growth.”

Mr Nugent said clients are requesting specialised labour hire, project installation, management and manufacturing services.

“And EMS has responded,” Mr Nugent said.

“We have a growing suite of skilled labour, electrical project and engineering capabilities, including HV. We are responding to exponential growth in demand for specialised labour.”

In line with this goal EMS Group is proud to announce that it is growing and enhancing its switchboard manufacturing capabilities.

“Technical training and accreditation from IPD lets our clients know that our switchboards are built to the highest standard and best practices and are in accordance with all type test requirements,” Mr Nugent said.

The techno switchboard systems are cost effective and faster to assemble. Any variations that arise are easily accommodated with minimal impact.

The in-depth training EMS received covered various parts and accessories of the Elsteel modular enclosure range; design and construction methods to meet client requirements; access to the extensive type testing carried out on the TECHNO system and simplified estimating using tools such as iDraft and TMD software packages.

We look forward to harnessing the skills attained in the recent certifications to offer our clients a superior level of quality and efficiency in our turnkey modular solutions for their next opportunity.

If you are interested in finding out more about our panel and switchboard manufacturing capabilities, project or engineering capabilities please contact us today.

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