The Affordable Option: Mine in Africa Opts for EMS Group R2900G Loader Rebuilt to Spec

A ground-up rebuilt machine by EMS Group, shipped across continents, has proven more time and cost effective than buying new or second-hand for a mining operation in Africa.

One of the largest gold producers in Africa required an additional loader for one if its combined open pit and underground mine.

The company commissioned EMS Group from Dubbo in NSW, Australia to deliver a rebuilt Caterpillar R2900G to its operation in Tanzania.

“Time is money and in the mining industry, every second counts,” EMS Group Director Tom Cavanagh said.

EMS Group offers one of the largest selections of underground mining equipment in Australia, backed by a state-of-the-art workshop, parts warehouse, and more than 20 skilled tradespeople.

“Our clients often find they can get a quality second-hand machine, or ground-up rebuilt machine quicker and more competitively priced than buying new,” Mr Cavanagh said.

EMS Group diesel fitter, Brad Lemonius, led the team who delivered the R2900G rebuild to the client’s specifications within a 12-week turnaround.

“There was a fit-for-purpose we had to meet, including but not limited to installing a secondary steering to the machine, adding new bars, and fitting it with an RCT remote system.

“We were able to do this cost effectively because we had a lot of the parts already from our own stock, such as the pump and valve block.”

Once completed, EMS Group dismantled the loader into three pieces to meet Tanzania’s 30-tonne load size restrictions, loaded it onto a truck and transported it to a port in Sydney where it was transferred to a shipping container that’s now on its way to Africa.

“EMS Group will send two diesel fitters to Tanzania to complete the reassembly and commission the handover,” Mr Lemonius said.

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