$50,000 donation to support Perth Childrens’ Hospital Foundation

Dubbo-based mining, tunnelling, civil and rail service provider EMS Group has made a donation valued at $50,000 to the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation’s newly opened opportunity shop, Sweet Charity (WA).

The donation – in the form of a pallet of fashion clothing – arrived at Sweet Charity (WA) via road freight from Dubbo on Wednesday.

EMS Group Director, Tom Cavanagh, says it’s just the beginning of their investment in the Western Australian community.

Leading WA underground hardrock mining contractor, Barminco Holdings Limited – an EMS customer – has contributed to the effort by paying the freight costs.

Barminco’s General Manager Assets, Peter Campain, says it’s a great collaboration for a great cause.

“Many of our mining communities are thousands of kilometres from Perth, but if ever our kids need specialist medical care, the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation becomes part of our community. It makes us very proud to be able to support their important work,” Mr Campain said.

Mr Cavanagh agrees: “We’re committed to the WA communities we serve.”

“We hire, maintain, service and recycle underground mining and tunnelling equipment right across Australia, and WA plays a very important role in the nation’s underground mining industry.

“Mining produces jobs, and the jobs sustain families. As a father of young twins, I know there’s nothing more important to families than their children’s health.

“The Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation is the bedrock of children’s medical services in WA.”

The donation, consisting of $50,000 worth of new clothes to be sold at the Foundation’s Sweet Charity (WA) op shop, was transported to Perth from Dubbo via Mr Cavanagh’s innovative new freight management app, Channel 40.

“We love the Sweet Charity (WA) approach. As an innovator myself, I’m excited by their attitude. It’s the first shop of its kind set up to support kids who will be cared for at Perth Children’s Hospital , and it’s an idea that’s come from the community itself. Margie and Sandy came up with the idea and pitched it to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“I started  as a diesel mechanic but today, as a business owner and tech entrepreneur, I know the value of good research and that’s exactly where our donation will be going, through Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“We’re committed to building sustainable communities that promote teamwork and provide growth and development opportunities for those who live and work in the areas in which we operate.

”The whole EMS team is very proud of our support for Sweet Charity (WA) and the Perth Children’s Hospital.”

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