At EMS we’re committed to being a leading brand offering skilled, safety conscious staff, and quality service, increasing the productivity for our customers.

Safety is a key priority in attaining this. At EMS we have an established Work, Health & Safety Policy to ensure that staff are aware of and understand their responsibilities in regards to safety. We have thorough procedures in identifying, assessing and controlling risk and regularly communicate with both our staff and customers.

When working on our customer’s sites we work with our customers to ensure that onsite safety policies and procedures are followed, and our own operations support the achievement of their goals.

We have a strong history in terms of safety with a rate of 0% for Lost Time due to workplace injury (LTI), with over 46,800 hours being worked by our team in the 2016/17 financial year.

  • Tritton has been working with EMS Group since 2010 and I am 100% satisfied with the service. Their communication is faultless. When I ring up and need to know when I can get a cylinder or labour, or anything, the Workshop Manager, Pete, answers me direct and immediately. We always know where we stand and there are no surprises. They’re basically perfect.

    Maintenance Planner at Tritton, Aeris Resources
  • We have been using EMS for all of our mechanical repairs, servicing and breakdowns for a couple of years now. The team are really good to deal with and we are more than happy to recommend them to our clients. Having one place in town that can look after auto electrical, hydraulic, truck, plant and general servicing is what we need and EMS gives us that.

    Josh Large, Owner, JLE Electrical
  • Great doing business again; it’s been a while and I wanted this to happen. You guys have always been great!

    Manny Pereira MPC Reman Corp

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