Atlas Copco M2D Rocket Boomer Wrecking

The Atlas Copco M2D Rocket Boomer underground drill is a hydraulically controlled mining and tunnelling face rill rig with a coverage area of up to 65 sqm. It features a hydraulically driven compressor and water booster pump, a sturdy articulated carrier with four-wheel drive, hydraulically controlled drilling system which incorporates anti-jamming function. The BUT 35 S heavy-duty boom has double tripod suspension for accurate hydraulic parallel holding in all directions. Standard rock drill features COP 1638HD+, COP 1838HD+ or COP 2238HD+ rock drill with a dual-damping system for optimal consumable life.

Parts of the Atlas Copco M2D Rocket Boomer are available at EMS. Contact us for more information about the parts you need.

Make:Atlas Copco
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